Why Study Chemistry ?



So I always knew it would happen, in the darkest days of the academic year the enthusiasm for blogging would wane. But as always social media through up a nugget to get me thinking again. This time it was a link to an Irish Times article about choosing the right degree course at university.


In school I have recently been tidying up our careers notice board and I had contacted some past pupils doing science based courses and got them to write a piece on how studying chemistry helped them. In NI, as we are a small economy, there are only limited science career pathways for young people who want to build their lives here but what stands out from their pieces is their enthusiasm for their subject / chosen career. And that’s what the piece in the Irish Times highlighted – pick a subject or career that you have a passion for not just one that you think will serve you well.

So what jobs do people with chemistry degrees and PhDs end up in – if I look at the class of ( ok I’ll not reveal it but let’s just say we were all looking forward to that great millennium party!) my classmates have ended up in both the public and private sectors. Within the public sector there are teachers (both at secondary and tertiary level) and those in areas such as the Environment agency and Invest NI. In the private sector many got jobs in Ireland’s growing scientific sector, in particular Almac, Norbrook, Randox, Pfizer and BMS to name a few. I know some of the people who read this blog are friends and in particular those who I studied with so I’ll leave the floor open to you – would you advise your younger self to study a science based degree ?


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