Some More Periodic Tables !

This is an easy post this week as it’s a round up of some more Periodic Tables I’ve spotted since my last post on them.  First of all thanks to Professor Ken Seddon for forwarding me this picture of a periodic table he found displayed in the faculty of chemical sciences in Madrid.


Add to that this fantastic Periodic Table currently on display at the Ulster Museum in Belfast for the Elements display  -again showing elements where possible.


I’d encourage everyone to take a trip to this exhibition.  It’s a brilliant example of how thoughtful design and informative displays can make Chemistry so engaging and accessible to the general public.  Whilst walking around I heard one teenager asking her friend what the most dangerous element was, the friend answering ‘fire’ and the friend replying back ‘doh – that’s not an element ‘ and I thought there’s hope for us chemistry teachers yet! By the way answers on a postcard!

Anyway next up one that fits in very well with AS course as we are just about to cover emission spectra.


Now for a great resource from the University of Nottingham.  The QR codes link to the Periodic Videos for each element.  I’ve used this as an introduction to the Periodic Table topic for KS3 using iPads ( you just have to download a QR reader).


Here’s another one that I like as it clearly shows the more abundant elements.


There is  great clip on the Periodic Videos website where they take a trip to the Science Gallery in Dublin and one of the chemists weighs himself and the machine prints out the % abundance of each element in his body.  Looks like we have more in common with supermodels than we thought ! Here’s a link to the clip below.

Finally, it seems that everyone is getting in on the Periodic Table act and there are some very strange things out there.  I’ll leave you with this one, really don’t see the link myself !



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