Read, Watched, Heard – Part 1

I’ve spotted on lifestyle blogs, some bloggers do a round up on what they’ve read, watched, heard and wore ( now as chemists we can safely leave the last one out !). So I thought this might be a good structure every couple of weeks to list bits and pieces that I’ve been filing away. Then it’s up to you if you find the topic interesting and want to do a bit more delving. So starting this week what I’ve…..
I have put an advance order in for the fantastic Compound Interest book – ‘Why Does Asparagus Make Your Wee Smell’ due out at the beginning of October. Compound Interest has produced some amazing graphics over the last couple of years. Included in my favourites are the 12 molecules of Christmas and the chemicals of the swimming pool.


On Twitter this week I found a link to a fantastic clip by the scientist Ainissa Ramirez, a passionate science communicator. She was an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Yale University and has recently been named by Technology Review Magazine as one of the world’s 100 Top Young Innovators for her contributions to transforming technology. The clip was on making ice cream and both her presentation and the content are fantastic. I’m going to look out for some more of her material to use in class. Check Ainissa out below !

‘The lack of science skills can hamper adults development’ according to Dame Athene Donald, president of the British Science Association. She says ‘forcing pupils to make subject choices from the age of 14, effectively divides the nation “into sheep and goats, science people and arts people” ‘ I think as science teachers we can all relate to that, totally losing touch with some pupils post KS3. Check out the full article on the BBC site below

Oh, and sadly Oliver Sachs, mentioned in one of my earlier posts, passed away on August 30th.



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