Pencil Cases at the Ready !


As the holidays draw to a close there is the usual anticipation about the return to school – in the back of my mind there is always the amount of homeworks that I will have to set (never mind mark), the assessments, parents evenings, oh new course to teach and the list goes on. But this year I feel slightly different, and that’s due to the journey I’ve started both with the blog and Twitter. The blog has helped me archive all my chemistry facts and thoughts and it’s also made me work. (I did spend a whole afternoon recapping on D/L nomenclature for the L-ascorbic acid post!).

But the real discovery has been Twitter – by actively following chemistry and education accounts, I have started to feel really connected. In particular I have loved @compoundchem (finally able to read the fantastic compound interest posters) and @teachertoolkit, (loved the ripple effect). What has also really impressed me is Twitter has allowed me to follow what’s going on closer to home and in particular #niedcamp. It was the first teacher led professional development day -yes these teachers actually took a day out of their holidays to organise it .  I attended an excellent presentation from Dr Stephanie Nelson about the amazing resources the RSC have been developing (and I also got to meet @liviasmith21 aka science muppet – another passionate chemistry teacher). I’m hoping to trial some of the resources Stephanie showed us throughout the year and I will report back on the blog.

A big thank-you to the organisers of niedcamp for an inspiring start to the academic year. I love the following quote by William Butler Yeats – ‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’ and I think it applies to teachers just as much as students !

Ps Check out this video clip I watched recently, if ever there was confirmation that chemistry is the subject to teach …..


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